Modern Blending Technologies, Inc.                  

                                                                        2061 Hartel Street, Levittown, PA  19057
                                                                        Phone: 267-580-1000  Fax: 267-580-1026
                                                                                        Toll free: 877-626-2655

                                                  TOLL MANUFACTURER OF INDUSTRIAL ADHESIVES AND COATINGS

Modern Blending Technologies, Inc. is a private toll manufacturer specializing in Water Based Adhesives and Coatings.  Bring your formulae to us and eliminate the hassle associated with manufacturing diverse products.  With over fifty years of manufacturing/process experience we do it the old fashioned way:

                                                                            ACCURACY AND SUPERIOR QUALITY  

We will make it better than you did and we will do it the same way every time.  When  you are outsourcing products, a great degree of trust is required to maintain absolute secrecy and to insure high quality standards.  That is our mission and solemn promise at MBT.                                                                                                                                                                          

                       SERVICES OFFERED
                       Technical                                                                                                               Totes
                       Private label                                                                                                           Drums
                       Lab support                                                                                                           Tank wagons
                       Stocked Items                                                                                                        Other specified packaging                      
                       Customer service
                       Logistics support 
                       Confidential custom mixing

Modern Blending Technologies, Inc. is fully equipped to manufacture your product safely and in accordance
to all rules and regulations.  This not only includes safe environmental practices, but also employee safety
with continual training programs.